General Assembly 2016 Checklist

• View/Download UUA General Assembly Program Book

• Volunteer with BLUU

Review Volunteer Assignments

• Access BLUU Sponsored Housing Information
(NOTE: Housing is now CLOSED)

• Prepare for #BLUUGA16 Program Track

• Download & share #BLUUGA16 Promo Images

• Watch the Black Lives of UU Pre-GA Webinar below

Click below to access the Black Lives of UU Pre-GA Webinar recorded Monday 6/13

• Check in at the Black Lives of UU Table in the Registration Area if:

- BLUU is providing your housing during General Assembly
- BLUU provided your transportation to/from General Assembly
- You are a BLUU Volunteer - or you WANT to volunteer with BLUU during General Assembly

Visit the Black Lives of UU Healing Space
An Explicitly Black Space open to Black UUs during General Assembly. 

Directions TO THE HEALING SPACE from the main entrance to the Convention Center:

  1. Enter the building

  2. Turn right

  3. Go down the ramp under the 'South' sign

  4. Follow signs for 'Union Meeting Rooms'
    NOTE: Do NOT follow signs for 'Ohio Center Meeting Rooms'

  5. Turn left at 'The Juggler'. Walk all the way down the hall ...

  6. To these double doors on your left! 

  7. Welcome to the BLUU Healing Space