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Over the course of the 2017 #BLUUConvening held Mar 9-12 in New Orleans, LA, the Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective created a new way to organizer in our faith: #BLUUMicro30!

These 30-day Action Teams are meant to foster connections between Black UUs and generate deliberate concerted organizing efforts to create authentic linking the Unitarian Universalist resources with Black Liberation Movement spaces.

The first #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams are made up of Convening Attendees who worked together to choose actions that fit their individual capacity, congregational connections and movement knowledge. Each of these first Action Teams are led by a member of the BLUU Organizing Collective.

Examples of #BLUUMicro30 Actions:

  • Diversify book offerings for youth ages 3 to 6 to include main characters that are people of color, in church's LRE classrooms
  • Contact other BLUUs in the surrounding area and let them know about BLUU and the Convening
  • Research black organizations in my area
  • Create LGBTQ Black Outreach UU Program at our church
  • Host a viewing the film 13th at my congregation

To join a #BLUUMicro30 Action Team - please complete the form below:

#BLUUMicro30 kicked off at the 2017 Black Lives of UU Convening
our first set up 30-Day Actions are listed below:


Team Lead: Royce

  • Start an African American Interests section in our church library - Norfolk, VA - CLICK TO DONATE BOOKS!
  • Plan a service or another song circle at First UU Church of New Orleans, ask my Rev. Paul Beedle and connect with Black community leaders to do it.
  • I will make and coordinate a survey monkey for BLUU to lead a democratic process understanding group capacity and interest areas. I will contact UUA to have a conversation about funding for diversity efforts outside of BLUU. I will also publish the potraits I took from the convention.
  • Attend Toledo BLM meetings, become official UU sponsored rep to the group.
  • I am going to work with in my church to recommit to BLUU and make contacts especially to our black congrats that are not aware of the BLUU does
  • Contact other black UUs from the Birmingham church and invite them to a meal, where I can tell them about BLUU and we can brainstorm the names of the various community organizations we would like the church to support.
  • To meet more Black organizers
  • Program 4-9-17/Secure space/Collaboration
  • Create LGBTQ Black Outreach UU Program at our church.

PURPLE TEAM (formerly No Dot)

Team Lead: Lena

  • A personal 2 state outreach initiative to members of my extended family. They fit a couple of UU profiles (education and work). They are not church affiliated. Have asked/will ask BLUU members to host them at a Sunday Service or event. They are socially active in their communities . Aware of Unitarian Universalism because of me.
  • I decided to join the ADORE (A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity) group to plan a Jubilee Anti-Racism workshop in May.
  • Introduce the book, When all the children are White, to the RE department and the Social Justice Committee to provide concrete examples of how the church can be inviting, supportive, and also retain African American and other families of color. The book also gives specific ways Whites should look at and discover their whiteness.
  • I will reconnect with the POC Circle at my church and specifically talk to Black UUs about opportunities to engage with BLUU. I will also work with elders at Unity and connect with two folks I met while I was at the convening from Unity, who are younger about mobilization and creating in person gatherings in St. Paul.
  • Meeting with our BOT for a commitment to BLUU space and financial resources.
  • Reconnect with the PG People's Coalition


Team Lead: Kenny

  • Identify and recap with local Black UU's about BLUU, the convening, and GA.
  • Talk with 3 Black non-UU pastors in Akron about collaborating with Black Lives of UU.
  • Have conversations with my local/regional UU church leaders and non-profits (who don't yet) about compensating/hiring Blk (women/trans/poor/youth) of color at my church and spaces.
  • Talk to local UU church and orgs about donating space for Black Lives of UU organizing
  • Challenge my church to find ways they can provide sanctuary and resources to Blk/Br/Nat trans , poor, youth. directly affected by police violence.
  • Connect with at least one person from my micro 30 group via phone.
  • Continue building and expanding the Prince George's People's Coalition of which members from the Goodloe, Paint Branch and Davies UU congregations are members. Our next meeting, which is a "Know Your Rights" Training with trainers from the ACLU will be this Sunday March 19th at 5pm. JH
  • Share reflections of our convening in NOLA with other black members of my congregation and also with our Board of Trustees.
  • Meet with Pastor Rob (Unity-Unitarian St. Paul) to debrief about BLUU Convening and inquire about General Assembly Delegation
  • Attend Circle of Hope (Community Group for People of Color) at Unity Monday Evening
  • Read article(s) by Dr. Bill Sinkford
  • Participate in BLUU Regional Zoom meeting (meeting TBA).
  • Connect to local UU Leadership - Provide specific details about BLUU including how local congregation can support BLUU action's and agenda. Connect and stay connected with fellow convening attendees.
  • GA Delegate


Team Lead: Leslie Mac

  • March 19th 2017 will be the first monthly meeting of the First Berks UU People of Color/Mixed Race Caucus.
  • Contact other BLUUs in the surrounding area and let them know about BLUU and the Convening
  • Contact other BLUUs in the surrounding area and let them know about BLUU and the Convening
  • Getting my congregation involved in BLM/M4BL activism and support and moving towards becoming a community center for activism that supports our seven principles.
  • Connect BLUU with UUSS Black Lives matter Team
  • When the contact list comes out I thought I could be in contact with my group to offer encouragement for them in achieving their tasks. I wrote down what they wanted to accomplish to inspire ideas for myself. I am a co-chair of my BOT now. I want to think about ways I can help.
  • Meet Black organizers in my city.
  • Getting members in my community to commit to #BLUUMicro30
  • Offering Take Action Minnesota's Women of Color Leadership Group space for monthly meetings when they need a cozier spot to gather or they outgrow their space.
  • Research black organizations in my area
  • suggest viewing the film 13th to the social justice committe
  • I’ve committed to share information gained from the 2017 BLUU Convening with Emerson UU Adult Religious Exploration. Will the video of BLUU 2017 be made available within this 30 day period? I'd like to use it as part of my ARE presentation.


Team Lead: Takiyah

  • I am presenting my experience of the BLUU convening to WOC Makers. By doing this, I hope to implement bigger actions involving the artist collective and the Lawrence community.
  • I committed to visit the 3 UU churches in my county and to take organizing friends with me
  • To inform and get support from my housing and other committee that I am on at All Souls
  • Check with 2 (possibly 3) UU congregations to see what variety of children's books they have and take note of how many of those books have primary characters that are children of color.
  • Contact other BLUUs in the surrounding area and let them know about BLUU and the Convening
  • Working to get time and space for a BLUU meet up at the Mid-America Regional Assembly
  • I will inform the other Black UU's in my congregation about BLUU and the convening.
  • I am committing to doing 1-on-1's with 5 local Black religious leaders in Pensacola.
  • Diversify book offerings for youth ages 3 to 6 to include main characters that are people of color, in church's LRE classrooms.


Team Lead: Mykal Slack

  • I will sponser membership for CLF for 3 people.
  • Submit stories of UUs and historical figures of color to DRE for UUF Winston Salem for inclusion in RE curriculum.
  • Diversify book offerings for youth ages 3 to 6 to include main characters that are people of color, in church's LRE classrooms
  • I need more ideas
  • Will choose a task within the 30 days. Thank you.
  • meeting black organizers
  • Connect to the organizers in my community
  • Contact my congressperson to request she support HR 40, a bill to study the impact of African chattel slavery and its ongoing vestiges on the health and well-being of people of African descent in America.