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Over the course of the 2017 #BLUUConvening held Mar 9-12 in New Orleans, LA, the Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective created a new way to organizer in our faith: #BLUUMicro30!

These Action Teams are meant to foster connections between Black UUs and generate deliberate concerted organizing efforts to create authentic linking the Unitarian Universalist resources with Black Liberation Movement spaces.

The first #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams are made up of Convening Attendees who worked together to choose actions that fit their individual capacity, congregational connections and movement knowledge. Each of these first Action Teams are led by a member of the BLUU Organizing Collective.

The Fall/Winter 2017 #BLUUMicro30 Action "Creating Connections" is built to foster connections between Black UUs and those we lovingly refer to as Black & UU Adjacent.

To join a #BLUUMicro30 Action Team - please complete the form below: