Frequently Asked Questions about Black Lives of UU

What is Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU?)

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) formed out of several conversations among Black UUs at the July 2015 Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland, Ohio. The BLUU Organizing Collective works to provide support, information & resources for Black Unitarian Universalists. We also work to expand the role and visibility of Black UUs within our faith.

We are a group of five people. We work in a collaborative structure of decision making and in consultation with a closed Facebook group of more than 500 Black UUs. We are led, as movements for Black liberation have always been in this country, by black women and queer black folks in particular. Within our collaborative decision making construct, a full-time Executive Director position was established to maintain collective operations, vision, and management of resources as BLUU’s lead employee. Lena K. Gardner is the inaugural Executive Director for the collective. And Rev. Mykal Slack is our first Community Minister. 

What is BLUU’s vision/mission?

We are committed to justice-making and liberation through our faith.

What are the three things that BLUU is focused on?

We focus our efforts in three areas. They include: 

  1. Expand the power & capacity of Black UUs within our faith.
  2. Provide support, information & resources for Black UUs.
  3. Justice-making and liberation through our faith.

To view a more detailed snapshot of our work visit our GOALS page.

What is collective leadership?

We are actively seeking to build and operate from a non-hierarchical model that embraces the gifts and talents of not only the five individuals on the lead team but also of Black UUs that are a part of the BLUU community. There is no membership model and we don’t ask anyone to pay dues. Building a working relationship with BLUU comes through actually working in collaboration with the organizing collective directly on various projects. 

To learn more about our team visit our ABOUT BLUU page.

How do you contact BLUU?

You can contact us by filling out this form. You can also visit this page to sign up for our email list or find us in a variety of social media platforms! 

How can I donate to BLUU’s efforts?

Please visit our website for donation instructions including how to give online, by mail through check, or to leave a legacy gift: