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Over the course of the 2017 #BLUUConvening held March 9-12 in New Orleans, LA, the Black Lives of UU (BLUU) Organizing Collective created a new way to organize in our faith: #BLUUMicro30!

These Action Teams are meant to foster connections between Black UUs and generate deliberate, concerted organizing efforts to create authentic linking between Unitarian Universalist resources with Black Liberation Movement spaces.

Initially, #BLUUMicro30 actions were given this name to emphasis that projects done under that banner were intended to be small, local, direct, clear efforts (i.e. "micro") and completed in 30 days or less.

Previous examples of #BLUUMicro30 actions include:

  • Creating Connections

  • Diversifying book offerings for youth ages 3 to 6 to include main characters that are people of color, in congregation's LRE classrooms

  • Creating LGBTQ Black Outreach UU Program in a congregation

  • Hosting a viewing of the film 13th at a congregation

The Fall/Winter 2018 #BLUUMicro30 Action, developed by Team Sankofa, is the Living History Project!

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#BLUUMicro30 is Relaunching!

The Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective (OC) and staff heard loud and clear what Black UUs are looking for from the survey we conducted in Fall 2017. The vast majority of Black UUs feel like organizing from a faith perspective with other Black UUs would be beneficial to them and their UU communities. Thanks to all of your feedback, we went back to the drawing board to revamp and restructure #BLUUMicro30, the organizing arm of BLUU’s programming.  

When asked in the BLUU Survey what freedom looks like; one Black UU responded:

“It looks like us organizing and having the room to imagine, create, fight, mess up and be forgiven without sacrificing ourselves, our people, or our principles to appease others.”

That is exactly what informed the restructuring of #BLUUMicro30.  Highlights of this restructuring include: 

  • #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams will be determined by geographical region to ensure that teams (or team members) are able to connect in person.

  • #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams will now be supported by Black UU community members acting as #BLUUMicro30 Regional Leads. If you're interested in being part of a cohort of emerging leaders in BLUU, find the application here.

  • The Fall/Winter 2018 campaign is being developed by a group of Black UUs: Team Sankofa under the leadership of BLUU Community Organizer, Paige Ingram.

We want people in the #BLUUMicro30 Communities to feel connected, warm, and welcomed into our larger, global BLUU community. We want people to feel empowered to do projects that feed their spirit and hearts that are also connected to the larger movement for Black lives. Ongoing support for #BLUUMicro30 Regional Leads will come from the BLUU Organizing Collective, the BLUU Community Organizer, and the members of Team Sankofa.  

No organizing experience is needed to join a #BLUUMicro30 Action Team. 

Join us on this incredible journey this fall!  It's time for us to gather ourselves!

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Please complete the form below:

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Our history is made of extraordinary people, places, things, and events. Harriet Tubman. Ida B. Wells. Marcus Garvey. Martin Luther King, Jr. Black Wall Street. The light bulb. The Civil Rights Movement. Middle Passage. But history is not just the past, it is what we create today that lives on for posterity. We are living history every single moment of every day. The choices we make and the people we choose to be influences what we leave behind. We also know that our stories and our histories as Black folks in this faith have been erased not just historically, but currently.

According to the BLUU survey, lack of time and money, as well as the constraints of location and social anxiety, are contributing factors to Black UUs not being able to connect with one another. Team Sankofa has been chosen to lead this fall’s #BLUUMicro30 programming with Living History of Black UUs: Recording Our History As We Live It. In this project, we seek to give each other a platform for telling our spiritual stories through peer to peer interviews and art, music, and poetry submissions. We will compile these submissions into a digital magazine that archives a  snapshots of Black UUs spiritual growth in its current form, eliminating many of the barriers for connection.

Our project will begin by connecting you to Regional Leads who will introduce two or more people via email and invite them to participate in interviewing one another. This information will be obtained through the BLUU Canvassing Project, which aims to build a directory of Black UUs. We hope that these connections will enable individuals to build real-life support systems and faith relationships with other Black UUs in their area. If you are unable to connect, you will have the opportunity to record your own 3-min BLUU Story for submission. A new website will be created to hold our stories and provide space for artistic expressions in the themes of family, community, or ancestry through art, music and poetry.

By creating a directory and online platform for the E-zines, writing, photos, and audio/video recordings of the interviews, we can bridge the gap to make stronger connections and supports BLUU’s goals in the following ways:

Expand the power & capacity of Black UUs within our faith: By creating the platform for Black UUs to share stories, we will be able to utilize the collective power of the people to accomplish our goals.

Provide support, information & resources for Black UUs: The lack of information about Black UUs that are no longer with us is one of the reasons we feel isolated in our church communities. By creating this database and resource, we are able to connect Black UUs who may not know each other, and also connect to a larger group of people who are telling their stories.

Justice-making and liberation through our faith: We can find countless books and resources about non-Black UUs and see the care and preservation of culture: why don’t we have the same? To build a solid connection to our faith, we must make sure that each and every person is represented, and that their work is preserved. Our faith calls us to social actions and inclusion. We are responsible for making sure that we are not left behind.

We hope that you will join us for this groundbreaking project documenting our history for the future. This project launches November 1 with an info session and BLUU virtual worship service where we will explain participation, distribute the manual, and connect on a deeper level. To learn more visit the #BLUUMicro30 webpage.

Sign up to participate in the Living History project here!

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Become a part of BLUU!  Join a cohort of emerging BLUU leaders as a #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Lead!

We are re-launching the #BLUUMicro30 program!  We’ve heard your feedback and have restructured #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams regionally to make connecting with each other in-person easier!  

We are looking for folks who want to do transformative work in our communities with BLUU to sign up to be #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Lead. Regional Team Leads will support BLUU Micro30 participants in the states of their regions with the Fall/Winter #BLUUMicro30 campaign, developed by Black UUs from Team Sankofa (fka. Allied Media Conference cohort).  This is a collective effort: ongoing support for Regional Team Leads will come from the BLUU Organizing Collective, staff, and members of Team Sankofa.

 For more information, read the detailed description of the #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Leads.

We are looking for two REGIONAL TEAM LEADS for each region:

West - Pacific: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington

West - Mountain: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Midwest - West North Central: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Midwest - East North Central: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin

Northeast - Middle Atlantic + DMV: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia

Northeast - New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

South - West South Central: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

South - East South Central:  Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee

South - South Atlantic: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Virginia, West Virginia

Become a part of BLUU: Apply to be a #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Lead! Please read through this description for details. 

Questions can be sent to BLUU Community Organizer, Paige Ingram at paige@blacklivesuu.com.  

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Have you participated in BLUUMicro30 before? *
It's perfectly fine if you haven't!
It is also perfectly fine if you don't!
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Team Sankofa
fka. Allied Media Conference Cohort

Team Sankofa started off as a cohort of Black UU and UU adjacent folks interested in social justice work that attended the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this year.  Their role, mission, and vision has only grown and expanded since the conference.  In collaboration with the BLUU Community Organizer, they are charged with the task of setting the focus, tone, and agenda for the Fall/Winter #BLUUMicro30 project, as well as being the living example of collaborative/collective work and effort for a signature BLUU campaign. 

[The name] Team Sankofa seems to speak to many elements of our process, current transition and continued work together. We attended the Allied Media Conference to get the collective knowledge that is not often accessible to us for so many reasons; #BLUUMicro30 is our way of sharing, educating and protecting our future as Black UU/ UU adjacent/practitioners of liberation theology and healers within our communities.
— Quiana Perkins


Aja Davis (she/her)   Philadelphia PA

Aja Davis (she/her)
Philadelphia PA

Ashanti Spears (she/her)  Mission KS

Ashanti Spears (she/her)
Mission KS

Atena O Danner (she/her)  Evanston IL

Atena O Danner (she/her)
Evanston IL

JeKaren Olaoya (she/her)  Hayward CA

JeKaren Olaoya (she/her)
Hayward CA

Lisa Rockett (she/her)  Katy TX

Lisa Rockett (she/her)
Katy TX

Quiana D Perkins (she/her)  Ann Arbor MI

Quiana D Perkins (she/her)
Ann Arbor MI

Whryne Reed (she, they)  Bloomington IN

Whryne Reed (she, they)
Bloomington IN

Veronica "Rocky" Davis (she/her)  Katy TX

Veronica "Rocky" Davis (she/her)
Katy TX

Paige Ingram (she/her)  Minneapolis MN/ Charlotte NC BLUU Community Organizer

Paige Ingram (she/her)
Minneapolis MN/ Charlotte NC
BLUU Community Organizer

Sankofa literally means "it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot." After the term made its way to the United States, African-American scholars commonly applied the term to mean “remembering our past, to protect our future."

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What exactly is BLUUMicro30?

#BLUUMicro30 is a way to learn how to organize in a way that builds community and is spiritually grounded in our BLUU principles. There are 9 #BLUUMicro30 regional action teams divided by small geographic regions. These teams work together on small, manageable, yet impactful actions or projects that can be completed in 30 days.

The central goal of #BLUUMicro30 is to build many BLUU Communities that are actively learning and growing skills to organize ourselves and our people toward our collective liberation through intentional, purposeful and connected events and actions. And doing this organizing grounded in BLUU’s 7 principles.

Why are we doing this?

Since its inception, BLUU has been about organizing. Justice-making and liberation through our faith is a central part of BLUU’s core mission, and one of our three organizational goals. Justice-making and liberation happens in many ways but one certain way is through organizing and mobilization. We see transformation of self and community as ‘the work’ of liberation and justice-making, and the central work of organizing. Because BLUU was born out of an organizing space, by organizers, and people organizing from a spiritually grounded place, it is the main way BLUU seeks do liberation and justice-making. To be a part of BLUU and embrace our ministry in the world, it is to embrace organizing as central and foundational to the work of change-making in our world.

What is organizing?

Organizing is the idea of mobilizing people towards a collective goal or building a social movement, typically for social justice. At its most basic level, organizing is just a group of people working towards something. Typically it is aimed at political change. BLUU embraces an organizing model that centers self-transformation and self-determination for Black people, in solidarity with other marginalized groups, both in the US and globally. We believe that this organizing is best done when centered in a Black UU theological lens and in Black UU community. You can read more about theories of organizing and what organizing is here and here.

Do you have to be a part of #BLUUMicro30 to be a part of BLUU?

No, you do not have to be a part of #BLUUMicro30 to be a part of BLUU, but we encourage you to participate. #BLUUMicro30 is the programmatic arm of fulfilling one of the central goals of BLUU Organizing Collective: Justice-making and liberation through our faith. #BLUUMicro30 also provides another avenue for connecting with other Black UUs, both in-person and online.

What’s the “30” in BLUUMicro30?

#BLUUMicro30 actions were given this name to emphasize that projects done under this banner are intended to be small, local, direct, clear efforts (i.e. "micro") and completed in 30 days or less.

How do I join a #BLUUMicro30 team?

To join a BLUU Micro30 Team, you can fill out the form found here.

I've already signed up in the past-- do I have to sign up again for the relaunch?

Nope! You’re good! Someone will be in contact with you via email with information on your new #BLUUMicro30 regional team and next steps.

Who will be my region's #BLUUMicro30 Community Area Organizers for #BLUUMicro30 once I join an Action team?

We are currently accepting applications for #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Leads. These folks will be helping to guide the work of their regions for the season’s campaign/project. They will work closely with the BLUU Community Organizer, Paige Ingram and Team Sankofa to guide the work in their respective regions. More information about the #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Leads, check out this link.

What does success look like?

The goal of #BLUUMicro30 is for people to learn organizing skills, to be transformed in the service of the work and to make a tangible real world change. Often we are told that these changes have to be big in scope and bold in action, however BLUU embraces an organizing model that rejects what are typically white constructed modalities of organizing. We understand transformation to happen by being supported in a group of people with shared collective values, that takes up a project and struggles to do that project together. Through intentional planning, reflection, and support with guidance and resources, we know that people change happens to self and community. BLUU also believes that creating and cultivating loving relationships is central to organizing, how one does the work is just as important as the work. Also being loving doesn’t mean anything goes and that there aren’t any boundaries. It’s a journey, it won’t be perfect, people will make mistakes, how we learn and hold these mistakes is important. It is our hope that #BLUUMicro30 and BLUU community provides a co-created container for doing this work, and holding both the mistakes and the successes.

What is Team Sankofa?

Team Sankofa started off as a cohort of Black UU and UU adjacent folks interested in social justice work that attended the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this year. Their role, mission, and vision has only grown and expanded since the conference. In collaboration with the BLUU Community Organizer, they are charged with the task of setting the focus, tone, and agenda for the #BLUUMicro30 projects, as well as being the living example of collaborative/collective work and effort for a signature BLUU campaign.

Currently, team Sankofa is developing and leading the execution of the Fall/Winter 2018, Spring/Summer 2019, and Fall/Winter 2019 #BLUUMicro30 projects.

To learn more about Team Sankofa click here.  

What is the relationship between the Team Sankofa and the #BLUUMicro30 Regional Team Leads?

Team Sankofa will provide logistical support and guidance to the BLUUMicro30 Community Area Organizers for executing the campaign. Team Sankofa and the BLUU Community Organizer will be providing BLUUMicro30 Community Area Organizers with a toolkit to execute the action, resources, and technical support.

So, what's the #BLUUMicro30 action for this season?

Team Sankofa developed a dope action for Fall/Winter 2018, Living History.

The purpose of this project is to capture a living history of Black UUs through the creation of a state by state directory and a catalog of stories to be shared in a regional E-Zine. This project’s goals are to capture the stories and experiences of the living as it happens. It is our hope that we can build stronger bonds throughout the diaspora through shared stories, connections, and art.

I have more questions, who can I speak to?

If you have more questions not answered in this Q&A, you can email BLUU Community Organizer, Paige Ingram at paige@blacklivesuu.com.