The Movement for Black Lives Convening, held in Cleveland, OH July 24–26, brought together over 1,500 Black people from across the country to build, heal, learn & organize.

It was a truly historic gathering. We the Unitarian Universalist Caucus took time that weekend to discuss the various issues we face in our faith as Black people. While many challenges and personal experiences were shared, one thing stood out for us all: Our Unitarian Universalist faith is what CALLS US to say that Black Lives Matter.

We see a direct link between the 7 UU Principles and the Movement for Black Lives. We — those of us at the Movement for Black Lives Convening, along with other Black UUs — created this document to present to our faith the 7 Principles of Black Lives.

Our hope is that this direct connection between our faith & the fight for Black liberation will make clear the URGENT need for all those who call themselves Unitarian Universalists to declare, without caveat or clarification, that Black Lives Matter.

During the week of 9/14/15 we released one Principle of Black Lives per day outlining the important principles that guide us in the work towards Black liberation, how these principles connect with the 7 UU Principles and how we were able to live out these principles at the Movement for Black Lives Convening.