The very FIRST Black Lives of UU Revival will take place in Kansas City, MO during the weekend of April 27th, 2018 at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church: 4501 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111.

RECLAIM., a revival of body, mind, and spirit, will be a special moment for Black UUs and UU-adjacent folks, local Black organizers, and the communities they hold dear to connect, worship together, and support one another. It’ll also be an opportunity for BLUU to offer a kind of ministerial presence we’ve not offered before - to organize a public space where Black folks can be fortified in song, word, learning, and community, and to help hold sacred space for connection across the faith traditions and spiritual journeys that make us who we are as Black people and as Black UUs. We are grateful for the fundraising efforts of the Office of the MidAmerica Region that will help make this event possible.

This gathering will be an explicitly Black Space*, so if you’re white or a non-black person of color in our faith, please share this registration form with Black UUs and other Black folks in your circles who would value coming together for this special event. If you’re connected to a congregation that is committed to supporting BLUU and these efforts, the best way to do that is to financially support Black UUs who want to attend. In lieu of expenses saved by the Regional Assembly being combined with GA in Kansas City this year, we ask that individuals and congregations consider at least $250 sponsorship to cover transportation or housing for an individual. 

*Sunday Morning Worship with All Souls Kansas City will be open to all, while centering blackness in worship. All other activities, meals, and worship services, including the Sunday Morning Grounding, will be Explicitly Black Spaces. 

Complete the form below to Register for the 2018 Black Lives of UU Revival: RECLAIM.

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CENTERING YOUTH: Black children of all ages are welcome. While all programming will be multi-generational, childcare will be available. High school-age Black youth, 14-18, may attend with parents/guardians or sign up to attend solo. We will have two Black religious educators, who have worked extensively with youth at national gatherings, serving as youth sponsors for those who do not come with families.   The high school youth will be attending most of the revival programming with adults, and will also have activities/conversations of their own. It will be a terrific opportunity to spend time with other Black UU teens from around the region, and also connect with other generations.
ALL BLACK LIVES: BLUU is committed to providing space for attendees to show up and thrive. The following optional questions will help us determine caucus spaces needed.
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FUNDING CONSIDERATIONS: There is no registration cost, however attendees will be responsible for transportation to and housing in Kansas City. Official Registration is now closed and travel and housing subsidies have been exhausted.