The BLUU 360 Council provides advice and guidance to the OC. They offer direct support to BLUU leadership through historical insight, experience and wisdom. They serve as ambassadors of BLUU’s goals and vision and endeavor to protect the integrity for the organization.

Current Members of the 360 Council:

  • Carmelita Carter-Sykes

  • Carol Carter Walker

  • Paula Cole Jones

  • Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika

  • Elizabeth Ann Terry

360 Council Working Agreements:

Trust & Flexibility
When plans and life shifts we must trust each other to find another space and time to catch up, recalibrate. Communicate honestly, lovingly and with trust, and create time and space for flexibility.

Centering Health and Healing
We aspire to build intentional time each day for exercising, spiritual, mental work and support, art + creativity, breathing and nourishing our bodies and eating together (when applicable).

In working together, we create space and time for listening and being fully present for each other, understanding we all move in different ways and at different speeds.

Working through Mistakes
Approach ourselves and each other with grace and compassion and honor. We can press pause, give space to breathe, cry, sleep, get frustrated, hold each other's feels, as needed. And reflect before responding. Know that there is a way back and that no-one is disposable. Know that we are committed to moving the work forward in a principled way.

Building Community
Connect with others within community, especially across other faiths and spiritual paths. We must practice building intersectional awareness and expanding our perceptions, beliefs, and truths.

Grace & Love
Support each other with grace and love in all that we do. We aspire to extend grace to ourselves and our community, and always come back to love, even when it's the hardest thing to do.

Kindness and Authenticity

We strive to infuse our interactions and our work with integrity, honesty and a commitment to kindness.