#BLUUBox Spiritual Subscription Box Frequently Asked Questions

BLUU Holiday Healing Box 2018 Information

The 2018 BLUU Holiday Healing Box is a ONE TIME Limited Edition Box available beginning November 23, 2018. Filled with products from Black Unitarian Universalist Entrepreneurs, Artists & Healers, this box is the perfect holiday gift or self-care present for yourself.

The box will ship no later than December 15, 2018 and has a cost of $100 each. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go to the December 2018 #BLUUSupports designee.

The box includes:

  • BLUU Official Ceramic Mug

  • Rising Dawn Teas Organic Tea Blend

  • Ritual Self Care Box Crystal/Stone Kit (includes batik drawstring bag, 1 crystal or stone, intention setting guide & self-care guide)

  • Wise Woman Apothecary Wintermint Gift set (includes Wintermint Salve & 2 Shower Melts)

  • Amounah Works of Art Butterfly Woman Art Print

  • Special Edition Statement T-shirt

TO PURCHASE VISIT: http://www.blacklivesuu.com/holiday-box-2018/

What is the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box?

The BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box is a box and community for those seeking to grow and deepen their faith from a Unitarian Universalist perspective. Grounded and informed by Black experiences, this inspiration - focused and action-oriented box is especially for those looking to live out the mandate of justice-making and liberation through our shared faith.

I am not Black. Can I subscribe to the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box?

Yes! All who are interested in deepening their Unitarian Universalist faith through the lens of a Black liberationist perspective are welcome to sign up for the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box. Your subscription will also support the ongoing work of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU).

I am not a Unitarian Universalist. Can I subscribe to the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box?

Yes -- welcome! If you are interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism, connecting authentically with Black UUs committed to working for justice and liberation and/or exploring the intersections between your own faith perspective and UUism, this box is for you! We especially encourage  those supportive of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism’s 7 Principles for Black Lives to subscribe to the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box.

Why are you doing this?

The BLUU Organizing Collective developed the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box for a few reasons. First, we know that lots of Black UUs are isolated from UU congregations and are looking to deepen their faith and connect it with their commitment to justice and liberation. Second, we know from our experiences organizing nationally that many folks active in justice work are seeking spiritually sound, culturally relevant content that is affirming, inclusive and action-oriented and are looking for a faith home. The BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box is just one way that the Black Lives of UU (BLUU) Organizing Collective is answering the call we’ve heard across the country from those needing resources that not only center their experiences as Black people but are rooted in a decidedly Unitarian Universalist perspective. The faith perspectives, experiences and leadership of Black people have always been relevant and essential to Unitarian Universalism. We invite all UUs and others who have an interest to invest in and engage with this aspect of our living tradition, shipped to YOU once - a - month! 

Watch Black Lives of UU OC Members Dr Takiyah Amin & Leslie Mac discuss the just launched #BLUUBox Spiritual Subscription Box. For more details visit: http://www.blacklivesuu.com/bluubox To download the free #BLUUBox Sample: http://www.blacklivesuu.com/bluuboxsample NOW AVAILABLE

Cool! What's in the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box? (#BLUUBox)

Each month, subscribers to the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box will receive:

  • “Awaken, My Soul:” A special written prayer to center you in joy, affirm you and ground you in spiritually challenging times

  • “For Such a Time As This:” A brief reflection on contemporary issues informed by a Black UU faith perspective

  • Curated Social Justice Activity: guidelines for a social justice action you can take, aligned with the monthly theme for the box

  • “For Our People:” Deepen your knowledge of Black UU history past and present with profiles of prominent Black UUs that have shaped and informed our living faith tradition

  • “Link Up:” information for Black UUs on opportunities for community building and information for non-Black allies who want to support these efforts

  • #BLUUSupports: Information on our latest efforts to extend our goal of justice making and liberation through our faith by highlighting a different project, program or organization each month that aligns with our Unitarian Universalist principles and the principles of Black of Lives of UU.

  • Exclusive BLUU Swag: items to show your pride in and support of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism

  • "Meditation Moment:" Link to an exclusive audio meditation or reflection, informed by the theme for that month’s #BLUUBox

How did you decide to do the BLUU Spritual Subscription Box?

Over the last few years of BLUU’s existence, we’ve had continual asks for our ministry to extend beyond social media and our in-person events. We know that many Black UUs are isolated across the country and hungry for opportunities to deepen and grow their faith, learn about the history of Black folks in UUism and have a chance to make connections to the larger movement for justice and liberation. Leslie Mac’s work and experience as co-founder of Safety Pin Box lead to a discussion among members of the BLUU Organizing Collective about the lack of a similar resource for spiritual communities centered on the experiences of Black people.

What will be supported by the proceeds of the #BLUUBox?

Since its inception in 2015, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism has applied funds raised to support our commitment to justice-making and liberation through our faith. 

Our efforts have included ensuring support for Black and NonBlack People of Color UUs to attend General Assembly, donating resources to organizers in the larger Movement For Black Lives, providing Disaster Relief grants to Black UUs, supporting developing ministries in Francophone Africa, hosting national gatherings for Black UUs and building the BLUU Ministerial Network. Your subscription to the #BLUUBox will support our ongoing efforts toward sustainability as an organization and assist us in providing support, information, and resources for Black UUs. To learn more about our work to date, read the BLUU Story.

Can I order the #BLUUBox to use it with a small group, or should each member order their own?

We encourage those leading small groups of 15 or less to join #BLUUBox at the Standard Subscriber Level. For larger groups, its best for individuals to secure their own subscription at the level best suited for them. Please remember that the content of the box is the same, no matter what level you choose.

Can my congregation subscribe to the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box?

Currently the #BLUUBox is only for individuals, but we are working on a Congregational Level which will be available in the coming months. 

How do I subscribe to the #BLUUBox? How much does subscribing to the #BLUUBox cost?

Thank you for your interest and support! You may subscribe on this website beginning September 1, 2018. The cost for the Standard Subscriber Level is $50/month. The cost for the Black UU Subscriber Level is $25/month. 

What are the differences between the Standard Subscriber Level and the Black UU Subscriber Level? Which level should my multiracial family choose? Are the contents of the box different depending on which level I choose?

Good question! While we encourage everyone to join at the Standard Subscriber Level, we acknowledge that doing so would constitute a financial hardship for many Black UUs. It’s important to us that Black folks who want to subscribe don’t miss out on this resource so we created a specific Black UU Subscriber level and price point in an effort to make the #BLUUBox accessible. The content of the box is the same, no matter what level you choose.

Can I give the BLUU Spiritual Subscription Box to a Black UU or someone else I know as a gift?

Yes! Simply include the shipping address for the person receiving the box on the subscription form.

I already support BLUU as a Patron on the Patreon platform. Can I get the BLUU Subscription Box too?

Yes! Thank you! For those who support BLUU on Patreon we will be adding a new $75 level, which will automatically include the BLUU Subscription Box too! 

When will the #BLUUBox ship?

Your box will ship on the third Tuesday of each month. Please order before the 30th day of the previous month to get the next box.


  • The first box ships in October 2018.

  • NOTE: Ships to the United States only at this time.

Can I unsubscribe from the #BLUUBox?

Subscriptions automatically renew each month. Cancel anytime before the day of the month you signed up for the #BLUUBox. Simple email blacklivesofuu (at) gmail.com to cancel your subscription. Be sure to include the name of the subscriber when sending the email.