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Over the course of the 2017 #BLUUConvening held March 9-12 in New Orleans, LA, the Black Lives of UU (BLUU) Organizing Collective created a new way to organize in our faith: #BLUUMicro30!

These Action Teams are meant to foster connections between Black UUs and generate deliberate, concerted organizing efforts to create authentic linking between Unitarian Universalist resources with Black Liberation Movement spaces.

Initially, #BLUUMicro30 actions were given this name to emphasis that projects done under that banner were intended to be small, local, direct, clear efforts (i.e. "micro") and completed in 30 days or less.

Previous examples of #BLUUMicro30 actions include:

  • Black UU Living History Project

  • Creating Connections

  • Diversifying book offerings for youth ages 3 to 6 to include main characters that are people of color, in congregation's LRE classrooms

  • Creating LGBTQ Black Outreach UU Program in a congregation

  • Hosting a viewing of the film 13th at a congregation

The Spring 2019 #BLUUMicro30 Action, developed by Team Sankofa, is the Babies & Bailouts!

The Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective (OC) and staff heard loud and clear what Black UUs are looking for from the survey we conducted in Fall 2017. The vast majority of Black UUs feel like organizing from a faith perspective with other Black UUs would be beneficial to them and their UU communities. Thanks to all of your feedback, we went back to the drawing board to revamp and restructure #BLUUMicro30, the organizing arm of BLUU’s programming.  

When asked in the BLUU Survey what freedom looks like; one Black UU responded:

“It looks like us organizing and having the room to imagine, create, fight, mess up and be forgiven without sacrificing ourselves, our people, or our principles to appease others.”

That is exactly what informed the restructuring of #BLUUMicro30.  Highlights of this restructuring include: 

  • #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams will be determined by geographical region to ensure that teams (or team members) are able to connect in person.

  • #BLUUMicro30 Action Teams will now be supported by Black UU community members acting as #BLUUMicro30 Regional Leads. If you're interested in being part of a cohort of emerging leaders in BLUU, find the application here.

  • The Spring 2019 campaign is being developed by a group of Black UUs: Team Sankofa under the leadership of BLUU Community Organizer, Paige Ingram.

We want people in the #BLUUMicro30 Communities to feel connected, warm, and welcomed into our larger, global BLUU community. We want people to feel empowered to do projects that feed their spirit and hearts that are also connected to the larger movement for Black lives. Ongoing support for #BLUUMicro30 Regional Leads will come from the BLUU Organizing Collective, the BLUU Community Organizer, and the members of Team Sankofa.  

No organizing experience is needed to join a #BLUUMicro30 Action Team. 

Join us on this incredible journey this Spring!  It's time for us to gather ourselves!

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