Meeting Up with Other Black UUs

One of the most difficult aspects of being a Black Unitarian Universalist in a predominantly white congregation and Association is the sense of isolation that persists. So any opportunity to gather face-to-face can offer spiritual uplift that may not otherwise be readily available.

With this in mind, we recognize that we may get the occasional request from a Black UU to meet up with other Black UUs in the area for deeper connection over coffee, a meal, a late night dance party, or a visit to a local congregation. You get the idea. Let's come together to grow together!

So if you're coming into a new area for a limited time or permanently, or just haven't connected with other Black UUs where you've been, click on the link below and fill out the form. And if there are folks in your area who we know about, the BLUUMin Network will be delighted to connect you!

BLUUMin Meet Up Form

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