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We are grateful to have Rev. Marcus Fogliano, Rev. Kim Hampton, and BLUU Executive Director Lena K. Gardner with us for February's conversation!! Our focus will be on the 2nd Principle - LOVE AND SELF-LOVE IS PRACTICED IN EVERY ELEMENT OF ALL WE DO - and we will tackle, among others, the following questions: 1) Is there a love ethic that grounds UUism?
We are excited to continue grounding our Unitarian Universalism in Blackness during BLUU's first Community Conversation! On the fourth Wednesday of each month from February through September, we will host a series of discussions with one of BLUU's 7 Principles of Black Lives as the primary focus and along with featured guests who will add particular depth to the conversation!
This multi-faith online panel discussion will explore the ways in which Black Unitarian Universalists and others from related traditions make sense of our collective faith journeys toward liberation and an affirmation of wholeness. We will consider: What are the distinctions between how Unitarian Universalism is promoted in the larger society vs.

Watch the 2017 BLUU Holiday Worship in replay right now. There's a special kind of magic (and madness) in the air at holiday time. It's a magic that can invite hope, call for peace, (re)ignite our faith, and create spaces for all the joys and sorrows that gathering together can bring.

Watch in replay. Join the Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective for an information Panel Discussion about their work, the UU faith and where Unitarian Universalists should be headed in the fight for justice and freedom. Hosted at Piedmont Unitarian Universalists Church during the BLUU Fall Retreat in Charlotte, NC.

Black Lives of UU Multi-Faith Panel Discussion: Whose Faith Is It Anyway?: Confronting White Supremacy in Faith Institutions This online panel will discuss the issues facing people of faith doing liberation work within long standing institutions. How can we be effective in the face of structures meant to hold us back?