#ReviveLove This Fall with Black Lives of UU

Join Black Lives of UU on the road this fall as we partner with Standing on the Side of Love and Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost for the #ReviveLove Tour - Political & Spiritual Sustenance For Movement!

What began during a post UUA General Assembly gathering this June has grown into the #ReviveLove Tour, offering Black organizers and movement supporters a space to recharge, replenish & build together in love. 

This tour centers local organizers in it’s goal to create spaces for artists & activists to be sustained by the movement. 


Currently planned tour stops include the following cities in the South & UpSouth:

Four core pieces to the tour speak to our collective #ReviveLove Tour goals:

  1. ‘Fortify the Movement’ workshop/discussion with Standing on the Side of Love

  2. An explicitly Pro-Black and Pro-Trans/GNC show by Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost in every site in relationship with local and national artists.

  3. Training and 1:1 support ‘clinics’ for lead organizers in local communities

  4. Strong local partnering in every site to build networked relationships


We ask that our faith — at the individual, congregational & institutional level — support the #ReviveLove Tour along with all of the amazing organizers involved.
You can do that a few different ways:

Take up a collection for the #ReviveLove Tour.

Your congregation can donate to the #ReviveLove Tour via a collection plate donation.

For more information on where to send collected funds email blacklivesofuu@gmail.com.

Donate to support the #ReviveLove Tour

We need money to fund this tour — to cover costs and to ensure we use PAID labor at each location. This includes compensation for all musicians, organizers, trainers & tour staff. Visit https://thirdwavefund.giv.sh/1105 to make your donation and share the campaign link widely!


Take part in the tour.

If you are a UU in any of the tour city stops  please contact blacklivesofuu@gmail.com to get involved right away!

We are looking for specific support in the following areas:
• Space for workshops, meetings & music performances
• Housing for Tour Team
• Monetary Support to cover Travel Costs & Meals
• Connection to local Black UUs in advance of the tour
• Local event promotion

Spread the word.

Follow @ReviveLoveTour on Instagram. 

Follow @BlackLivesUU @SideofLove & @RSHGMusic on Twitter and retweet posts about the tour.

Download the promotion images — share them via social media!

PRO TIP: Be sure to use the official hashtag for the tour: #ReviveLove