While registration for this gathering is necessary, we are offering a sliding scale from $150 - $25 because we understand that everyone's access to money and capacity to fundraise is different. Please kindly choose the registration level that best suits your situation. Please also take into consideration that the highest level covers some cost, but not all. So the more you are able to cover the better. 

If you believe you are in no position to cover any registration costs, please click the "$0" option and let us know in the below question whether or not you have capacity to fundraise and/or have people willing and able to support you financially.

Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium Registration
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Registration for the Oct 30 - Nov 2 Symposium hosted by Black Lives of UU in St. Paul, MN.


  • All Plenaries, Worships & Fireside Chats

  • Welcome Dinner on Wed 10/30

  • Breakfast Thu 10/31, Friday 11/1 & Sat 11/1

  • Lunch on Thu 10/31 & Fri 11/11

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If you cannot attend the Symposium for whatever reason, but you would like to cover the cost of someone else's registration, click below to donate & cover a registration scholarship!