Support BLUU at GA 2016 - #BLUUGA16 Preview

Heading into the final few weeks before UUA General Assembly 2016, we are hard at work making final preparations for #BLUUGA16 in Columbus, OH.

Here is a peek at our recent TO-DO LIST:

Attending a 4-day #BLUUGA16 Organizing Retreat.

Sometimes only face to face connection will do, so we headed to Denver over Memorial Day weekend to plan our work for the next few weeks focused on General Assembly 2016.


Thanks to Kenny Wiley - we were also able to bond with the Black Lives Matter 5280 Chapter at his home in Denver. The evening joyously embodied #BLUU Principle #2:

"Love & Self-Love is Practiced in every element of all we do"

Confirming the registration, travel & lodging for over 60 Black UUs traveling to GA from near and far.

We are so excited that two-thirds of our sponsored attendees are coming to GA for the very first time. We are focused on supporting Black UUs to ensure a memorable & meaningful experience.

Black UUs looking to connect with BLUU at General Assembly are invited to:

• Join the GA 2016 Explicitly Black Facebook Group
• Attend our Explicitly Black Pre-GA Webinar - Monday June 13th - 8:00 PM ET
Volunteer with us at General Assembly in a number of areas

Putting the final touches on our 4 Session Program Track.

For more details on our informational & transformational General Assembly track:

Visit our NEW Program Track Page or click below to access individual session pages with Pre-GA suggested reading links & more

Promoting our #BLUUGA16 via Social Media.

YOU can help us with this one:

* Start using #BLUUGA16 on Tweets & Social Media posts to help spread the word & start conversation!

* Click on each image to download & share the #BLUUGA16 Social Media Images or CLICK HERE to download all 5 images.


These final weeks are sure to be challenging, but our excitement about coming together with so many UUs and building a stronger connection between Black UUs keep us focused on the experience ahead.

See you in a few weeks!

Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective