Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective Sets Organizational Vision

The Black Lives UU OC Board is proud to share our vision as an organization.

Over the last 4 years we have developed a clear mission:

  • Expanding the power & capacity of Black UUs within our faith

  • Providing support, information & resources for Black Unitarian Universalists.

  • Justice-making and liberation through our faith

We have also created a deeply personal set of working agreements which lay out the values we bring into this work together - we invite you to read those working agreements here:

As we continue to grow and develop, we get clearer about our role in our faith and in a broader movement for justice and liberation for Black people.  Toward this end of continuing clarity, at the winter 2018 BLUU Board Retreat we tackled the question of what a vision for this unique organization should be.

Today we share that vision with you because it is and has already been a guiding light in our work since we created it together in December:

“BLUU harnesses love’s power to combat oppression and foster healing as a spiritual and political imperative. We know the power of love to be life changing, inclusive, relational, uncomfortable, unconditional and without end.”