BLUU Call to Action - Safe Spaces for Black Organizers - UPDATE

In the wake of the murders of #AltonSterling & #PhilandoCastile the Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective issued a call of action encouraging UU congregations to open their doors and make meeting/healing space available to Black organizers in this difficult time.

We are overjoyed to report that as of today over 70 congregations answered our call. We are currently in the process of matching congregations with local Black organizers but see this response as a positive sign in our faith. A sign that our needs as Black UUs are important to our congregations and that we as a faith are ready to begin the difficult work or rooting out Anti-Blackness in our congregations and communities.

A new page has been created around this call to action. This page includes

  • A link to our original statement

  • Best practices for engaging with Black organizers and organizations

  • A form to add your congregation to the growing list of UU spaces being offer to facilitate Black organizing & healing

  • A list of cities where space is available.

More updates will be posted as matches are made. Our hope is to allow this to be an entry point to better connection between our faith congregations and local Black organizers. We also hope this will increase the number of spaces in our buildings where Black UUs feel fully welcome & able to lay down their burdens on the path towards healing.

Please contact Black Lives of UU with questions/concerns about this initiative. 

2016 CSAI Online Forum Announcement

Black Lives of UU will host an explicitly Black online forum to discuss the 2016 Proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI): "A National Conversation on Race" on Monday June 6 at 9:00 PM ET.

All Black UUs are invited to participate in this forum moderated by BLUU Lead Organizer Kenny Wiley and CSAI author Debra Greenwood.

Visit for full details.

BLUU announces financial support for Black UUs at UUA GA 2016

The Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective is excited to announce specific financial support for Black UUs to attend UUA General Assembly 2016 in Columbus, OH.

Critical to our mission of expanding the role & visibility of Black UUs within out faith is creating spaces that are both welcoming to Black UUs and that are created with the needs of Black UUs in mind. This year at General Assembly, as we present content, a worship service, healing space and more centered on and created for Black UUs, it is vital that we facilitate increased participation at GA by Black UUs.

Effective immediately, we are happy to cover the registration costs for any Black UU interested in attending UUA GA 2016. We are also able to offer a limited amount of financial support for transportation & housing costs for Black UUs.  

To participate, please click below:


We look forward to seeing you in Columbus in June!

BLUU Announces #SayHerName Initiative

The Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective announced a NEW initiative connecting UU congregations with local Black organizers of the May 19 #SayHerName National Day of Action.

This initiative urges UU congregations to join Black Lives of UU in the important #SayHerName call to action by committing to support local organizers in their area.

Leveraging the privilege in & resources of UU congregations to benefit local social justice efforts is a critical goal of the work as Black Lives of UU.

Congregations who wish to be directly connected with #SayHerName organizers in their are should complete the form located here:

Once the form is completed, congregations will be contacted by Black Lives of UU with next steps.

Our role will be more than just connector. We will focus on creating a nuanced, specific and informed relationship between UU congregations & Black organizers. This will include providing a set of best practices for UU congregations when engaging with Black organizers.
— from full #SayHerName with BLUU Statement